About Us

About Us

Share Mission International is a 100% volunteer-based nonprofit

Share Mission International (SMI) is a U.S. based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that strives to support the health and educational needs of underserved populations in the U.S. and developing countries.

In 1998, Mr. Shyam Shrestha and Dr. Gerit Mulder founded SMI to give children better educational opportunities and to provide free or affordable basic healthcare in developing countries like Nepal, India, and Tibet. SMI has also expanded its operations to work locally with the refugees and immigrant communities in Denver.

As a 100% volunteer-based nonprofit, all donations are funneled directly back into our community development efforts. We have volunteer opportunities ranging from two weeks to a month or longer.

 Contact us to learn more about our volunteer opportunities. .

Why Choose Us

Helping the underserved in developing countries like Nepal

Share Mission International focuses most of its volunteer efforts in Nepal. We also provide assistance to communities in the surrounding countries of Tibet and India.

Like many developing countries, areas of Nepal suffer from:

  • Poor infrastructure
  • Lack of government funding
  • Insufficient resources
  • Lack of affordable and accessible healthcare

We have built strong ties with community leaders in Nepal and provide ongoing community development initiatives in healthcareand education to help strengthen these areas.


Why Choose Us

Supporting Bhutanese refugees as they adjust to a new life in the U.S.

In addition to our work abroad, we assist a local community of Bhutanese refugees in Denver, Colorado. We offer monthly classes to help these refugees become accustomed to life in the U.S. covering:

  • Language classes
  • U.S. culture and customs
  • Finding employment


Volunteer Opportunities

Want to help? Get involved with one of our volunteer opportunities

Have a passion for helping people? Share Mission International is always looking for volunteers! As a 100% volunteer-based organization, we rely on our volunteers to help make our efforts a success. We have many volunteer opportunities available throughout the year including:

  • Grant writing
  • Event assistance
  • Administrative assistance
  • Travel abroad as an education volunteer
  • Travel abroad on a medical mission trip

Fill out our volunteer application to get started or contact us to learn more!

Volunteer on Medical Mission Trip
Each year we travel to underserved areas of Nepal on a medical mission trip. We welcome doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to join us on these trips as we need help providing healthcare and with the setup and administration of the health clinic.
Our medical camps are often setup in local schools or outdoors. We bring most of our medical supplies with us from the U.S. and buy medicine from local Nepalese pharmacies. We ask our volunteers to bring the supplies needed for a week-long trip. Local doctors and nurses offer additional support at the camps translating and providing medical treatment.
Not only are medical mission trips a great way to help people in need, they are also a great way to experience the unique culture of Nepal. To view a sample medical mission trip itinerary click here
Volunteer in a Nepalese school
Education volunteers travel with us to Nepal to support a local elementary school in one of the poorer regions of the country. We recruit volunteers both with and without education backgrounds to assist in classrooms and with administrative duties in the school. Volunteer opportunities depend on the volunteer’s interests, skill sets, and the needs of the school, but may include:
  • Co-teaching
  • Teacher self-development courses
  • Teacher Trainings
  • Administrative Assistance

Education Volunteer trips usually last for at least one month

Volunteers & Services

Join us to serve communities and families.

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